Submarines Association Australia

Submariners worldwide are a special breed, rarely understood by mere mortals and never understood by skimmers. Submariners of all nations understand this and show respect to each other, knowing the hardship and danger that each has faced to achieve membership to that elite club to which they belong.

The Association's aims and goals are: 

•To keep alive the unique "esprit  de corps" of the Submarine Service; 
•To establish and maintain a charitable trust, being a welfare foundation;
•To assist one another as occasion may require and to encourage social activities;
•To liaise with kindred organisations, both nationally and internationally; and,
•To educate members about their entitlements and provide access to Department of Veterans' Affairs advocates 
The Association maintains a close relationship with several overseas Submariners' Associations.
Membership is open to all submariners, regardless of the navy in which they served.


*****“If you have made a payment for SubCon 17 and have not yet received an email receipt, please contact Ken Grierson (kenneth43@bigpond.com) with the details of your payment (date/amount).”****                        *****Dress Code for SUBCON2017 - All days except Dinner Dance neat casual. Dinner Dance Formal with miniatures. See the SUBCON2017 page for details *****       

"Like the destroyer, the submarine has created its own type of officer and man, with language and traditions apart from the rest of the service, and yet at the heart,unchangingly of the Service"

Rudyard Kipling, The Fringes of the Fleet, 1915



South Australia is hosting SUBCON this year. Full details can be found by clicking here


Calling All Hands

The Sydney Harbour Trust has requested assistance from all who served at Platypus - Was there an official or unofficial name for the little street in between the Submarjne School and the FIMA Workshops, parallel to the submarine wharf? What about for the path from the Upper Level on High St, down to the Wharf Level (with the steep incline in between the cliffs)?
If you have some information that will assist please email Geoff Anderson SAA NSW President

Thales Group

Thales Group

Proud Supporters of the Australian Submarine Community