Branches of the Association have been formed in most states and territories. Although they are locally managed they conform to the National Constitution.Members and visitors are welcome to attend most functions, a great opportunity to meet up with kindred souls and old shipmates.

The Submarine Tradition "There is something about the submarine service. It tends to create a bond between those who have served that is born of trust. Every submariner who ever put to sea and submerged has placed in the hands of another, their very lives. The bond is not one of close friendship, even though those do grow out of the time spent aboard a boat. It is one of mutual respect - blind to color, ethnicity, religion, nationality and gender. The bond is one of personal responsibility. Not everyone has it. Some don't even know what personal responsibility is. Submariners know what it is. It is their way of life

New South Wales

President :            Geoff Anderson

Vice President:    Ken Noris /  Public Officer

Secretary/ website: Carol Willson

Treasurer:                John Chambers

Welfare Officer:      Geoff Roberts 

NSWSAA website :


President :           Keith (Boots) Hatfield

Vice President:   Steve Gray

Secretary :                Ian (Elsie) Tanne

Treasurer:                ?

Welfare Officer:      ? 

website : N/A


President :            Andrew Clowes

Vice President:   Des Scanlan

Secretary                  Kristy Miles

Treasurer:                 Trery Shorrock

Welfare Officer:       Ian Sinclair

QLDSAA website :

Patron : Anne Wood. 


North Queensland

President :            ?

Vice President:    ?

Secretary/ website: ?

Treasurer:                ?

Welfare Officer:      ? 

fnqSAA website : ?

South Australia

BPresident :           Fran Boye

Vice President:    ?

Secretary/ website: ?

Treasurer:                ?

Welfare Officer:      ? 

SA_SAA website : ?


President :                          David Byrne

Vice President ( South) :   Darryl Massie

Vice President (North) : Kerry Bolton

Secretary / Treasurer      Stuart Mapey Email:

Public Officer:                Darryl Massie 

Facebook Page:Facebook

Social Secretary: Mike Crellin 

Western Australia

President :           Bill Clayton

Vice President:   Terry Rowell

Secretary                  Tony Masters

Treasurer:               John Rana


website :  N/A

WA contact email: 

Australian Capital Territory

President :            David Strangward

Vice President:    Mick Carew

Secretary                                    Stan Nimmo

Treasurer:                                    Peter Knights

Welfare Officer and Health:       George Washington

website : ?

Patron Captain (RAN RTD) Ian Noble