Paul Gale : Submarine Association of Australia (SAA) – National Secretary Duties:

The Secretary shall;

i. Co-ordinate and distribute the correspondence of the Association.

ii. Keep full and correct minutes of the proceedings of the Association.

iii. Keep and maintain an up to date Constitution and Rules of the Association and, upon the request of a member of the Association, must make available those rules for the inspection of the member and the member may make a copy of or take an extract from the rules but will have no right to remove the rules for that purpose.

iv. Maintain a record of; a. the names and residential or postal addresses of the persons who hold the offices of the Association provided for by these rules, including all offices held by the persons who constitute the Committee; and, b. the names and residential or postal addresses of any persons who are appointed or act as trustees on behalf of the Association.

v. Have custody of all books, documents, records and registers of the Association, but other than those required to be kept and maintained by, or in the custody of, the Treasurer or Historian. vi. Perform such other duties as are imposed by these rules on the Secretary.