Robert Hendrie

Robert Hendrie: Submarine Association of Australia (SAA) –Webmaster  

The Webmaster shall :

The Webmaster shall be responsible to the National Executive, through the SAA CIM, for the content of all material posted to the SAA website.

The SAA shall maintain a web site

The design and content of the web site will be the responsibility of the webmaster in consultation with the National Committee. 

The webmaster shall provide an Annual Report to the CIM, no later than three weeks prior to each Annual General Meeting. 

The Communication Information Manager shall provide an Annual Report, which includes the Webmaster’s report, to the National Committee, no later than two weeks prior to the AGM.


Contact information:  Email or via facebook Messenger

I joined the Navy as an apprentice ETS via HMAS Nirimba Jan 1980. First posting to sea was on HMAS Yarra as a Radar maintainer.

 Joined Boats Jan 1983 and was sent to the UK for initial training. Part 3 on HMAS Ovens then joined HMAS Orion just our of refit, left Orion just before it went into refit. Posted to SEF as a rider maintainer. Postings to Oxley in WA, and then Otama before refit.

 Sent to Adelaide for Nu Submarine project mid 1992. Upon promotion to WOETSM posted to the squadron Technical Office HMAS Stirling. My last four years in the Navy was doing submarine special projects. Worked for DSTO MOD HMAS Stirling as a technical officer in support of first of class submarine trials.

 Left Defence area 2002 and started own business doing IT, websites, and Equine digital X-Ray equipment. Currently building own of the grid house and farm on the south coast of NSW.