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  Andy Armes

Submarine Association of Australia (SAA) – Advocacy Assistance Current Situation:  To continue to offer any form of worthwhile advocacy service we need to establish a state- based network of advocates. With this goal and the assistance of the SAA State Branches we have set up a loose network of advocates who have the skill set to assist submariners. These advocates do not “work” directly for the SAA they are affiliated with other ESOs.  Future: Any qualified advocates that wish to join our group are welcome; please email the coordinator direct at Any member wishing to train in advocacy are also welcome to contact us and we may be able to organise a mentor. Any advocates that we list will need to have the relevant Advocates Training Development Program (ATDP) nationally recognised qualifications to ensure that they have or can be provided with indemnity insurance coverage.

Contact: A list of active S/M friendly advocates will be attached to the relevant SAA web page. These advocates may also be found in the National SAA listing in the ATDP Register located at under the Ex Service Organisations tab. The advocates listed on these pages and in the register have details for direct contact, or simply use the common mail address and will endeavour to assist you. State_DVA Advocates List

ANDREW ARMES Compensation and Wellbeing Co-Ordinator 

Submarines Association of Australia 0422566633 

SAA Advocates Common Mailbox: Email to


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