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O Boats are our past, Collins the present, AUKUS is the future.

SUBCON 2024 news letter number 2

Latest SUBCON 2024 Letter Number 3

Submariners worldwide are a special breed, rarely understood by mere mortals and never understood by skimmers. Submariners of all nations understand this and show respect to each other, knowing the hardship and danger that each has faced to achieve membership to that elite club to which they belong.

The Association's aims and goals are:
•To keep alive the unique esprit de corps of the Submarine Service;
•To establish and maintain a charitable trust, being a welfare foundation;
•To assist one another as occasion may require and to encourage social activities;
•To liaise with kindred organisations, both nationally and internationally; and,
•To educate members about their entitlements and provide access to Department of Veterans' Affairs advocates

The Association maintains a close relationship with several overseas Submariners' Associations. Membership is open to all submariners, regardless of the Navy in which they served.

Our National Constitution  Communications and Information Management Policy (CIMP); Membership Information   Here  The history of the National SAA Here

Submarine Association Australia National Office Holders

National President 

National Vice President 

National Secretary 

National Treasurer 

Communications Manager


SAA Members

Welcome to the opening of the SAA Web site after a number of months of inactivity. As discussed and agreed at SUBCON 23, it is intended to have a leaner version of the site from the previous site (created by Tim Bass, incorporating Normie’s Site). This is a deliberate action as we look to protect members from possible cyber activities. Tony Vine has updated the Eternal Patrol Page and it now contains the names of over 250 deceased submariners, up from 130 at this time last year. Please review the list and if you can identify any mistakes or omissions, I request that you forward them to Tony at News on the planning of SUBCON24 will also start to be advertised. In due course you will see, as another action from SUBCON 23, proposed amendments to the constitution that will be promulgated for members review and comment. I would like to thank and welcome Bob Hendrie as our new Web Master and he will work with Jason Minns (Communication Information Manger) to ensure we manage the site correctly and best protect SAA members. I would also like to thank our new National Secretary Paul Gale who is in the process of receiving a handover from David Bryant. 

New SA Branch President 

On behalf of the National Executive I would like to congratulate and thank Fran Boyle who has stepped into the SA Branch President. Fran is a former Collins submariner now residing in SA is our first female president and I hope not our last. I hope her appointment helps attract more of our younger shipmates to not only join the SAA but look at moving into committee positions as well. 

SAA Members 

I have been informed of a vile incident recently in relation to comments posted on the SAA Facebook page. These remarks targeting one of our members were disgusting and will not be tolerated but also disappointing that a person or persons would attack someone in this fashion especially a fellow submariner. 

The member affected has stated that he will not provide names but I can assure the membership that if he was to I would (with the National Executive backing) provide a ‘notice to show cause’ as to why they should remain as members of the SAA, and if they were not members I can assure you that any request for membership would not be looked on favourably. 

While they may not think that the above is not much of a punishment I can assure those responsible that if this issue was to be moved to a more legal forum they could be in serious trouble.

The SAA has been in contact with our member and are available to support him, we will reach out should he ask. I personally know the member affected and have served with him and consider him a friend, I hope that this issue does not drive him away from his friends and fellow SAA members.

David Strangward, AM 

SAA National President

KINGS Honours

 The President, National Committee and members of tthe SAA congratulate :

 David Bryant on his award of an OAM in the Kings Honours for 2024. A well deserved honour, BZ David Bryant Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the General Division Mr David John Bryant, Tea Tree Gully SA 5091

Lieutenant Thomas Ralph ICKE RAN For outstanding achievement as the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Liaison officer to the United States Navy Commander, Submarine Group SEVEN in support of Operation SAVILLE from July 2021 to July 2023.

 Captain Glen Andrew MILES RAN For outstanding achievement as the Director Nuclear Powered Submarine Capability – Operational Evaluation. 

Our History

110 years ago on the 24th of May 1914 the RAN’s first submarines arrived in Sydney.

 HMA Submarines AE1 and AE2. Built for the Royal Australian Navy, AE1 and AE2 were Australia’s first of two E Class submarines. Under the respective commands of Lieutenant Commander T.F. Besant, RN and Lieutenant Commander H.H.G. Stoker, RN, these boats were manned by Royal Navy officers with a mixed crew of sailors drawn from the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy. 

The boats arrived in Sydney 83 days after leaving Portsmouth and covered more than 13,000 miles. Although the submarines remained surfaced for almost all of the voyage, it was at the time the longest transit distance ever travelled by a submarine.

 AE1 sank on 14 September 1914 during the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force operation to seize the German colonies in New Guinea and the South Pacific. Likely the result of a diving accident, the sinking claimed the lives of the submarine’s entire complement of three officers and 32 sailors. The wreck was located in December 2017 in 300 metres of water off the Duke of York Island group. 

On 30 April 1915, AE2 successfully forced a passage through Türkiye’s heavily fortified Dardanelles Strait, before she sank in action. The crew were taken to a Turkish prison camp where all but four ratings survived. The wreck of AE2 was discovered in June 1998 lying in 72 metres of water north of Kara Burnu Point. The 110th anniversary of these boats’ arrival into the Royal Australian Navy is an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of their service and sacrifice more than a century ago.

A link to the Australian National Maritime Museum about the arrival is available Here  

Great article in the Australian Saturday 1 June 2024 regarding an Australian midget Submariner  the link is available Here 

 For people who are unable to read the Australian a plain text copy is available Here

Breaking News   

 The Australian Government announcement Life of Type Extension (LOTE) for Collins Class Submarines. The Navy News  is available   Here

Oberon Class Submarines Health study  Here



Breaking news from AUKUS : BAE Systems and ASC to build the new submarines with Rolls  Royce to build the power plant.   New Agreement   Minister of Defence      Rolls Royce   

 The new Battle Scape with AUKUS review

The Australian Submarine AUKUS pathway for the future has been made public download a copy here

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 Todays 14 March 2024 News:

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Collins News

 This year marks 30 Years of HMAS Collins at Sea. This is longer than any Oberon Class Submarine, as we look back to the start of Collins at sea new1994/ 1995 documents show the PM concerns over the Submarine. Read Article_1

Read Article_2 Sea 1000 The Lessions of Collins.       Read Article_3  1997 Update on Collins class   Read Article_4 Getting in Early a review of the Collins Class submarine

Subcon 2024 Queensland 11-14 October 2024 link to the news letter available  Here




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