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Department of Veterans' Affairs Assistance

The Association has a National Coordinator and DVA trained Pensions Officers and Advocates to provide submariners (ex and serving) with free assistance in welfare and compensation matters. 

The claims process, although it may appear simple, has many pitfalls and many a claim is rejected on technicalities. It is important that you seek advice when considering a claim, there is a saying in legal circles; the person that represents has a fool as his lawyer. 

Play safe, consult an advocate BEFORE applying for entitlements. Health & DVA - This section is aimed at keeping members current with Health & Welfare matters. It provides information on current issues, contact details and other information necessary to claim your entitlements.

National Coordinator

Ray Kemp

0419 829 2994

Ray Kemp

Training Courses

Pension Officer's course - A two day workshop covering subjects that interest both the Pension and Welfare Officer. These include income support pensions, disability and war widow pensions, appeals, treatment, Defence Service Homes, the Veterans' Affairs Network (VAN) and Health and Community Services.

Course attendance criteria: Open to ESO and community representatives who are involved, or are about to be involved in assisting veterans, widows and their dependants, and need to access broadly based and accurate information.

Case Officer's course - A two day workshop covering in more detail, compensation, disability pension matters including preparation of claims, application of the Statement of Principle (SOPs), Guide to Assessment of Rates of Pension (GARP), the Appeals process, and in particular, internal reviews under Section 31.

Course attendance criteria: Open to those who have attended the basic Pension Officer's training, with experience as practitioners and who wish to become involved in the review process.

Advocacy Skills course - A three day workshop covering Advocacy skills for those preparing and presenting appeals at the Veterans' Review Board and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Course attendance criteria: Open to those who have attended a Case Officer's course, gained experience as a practitioner and who wish to present cases at the VRB/AAT level.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Moot - A one to two day activity which takes in a mock hearing at the AAT with participants having an active role in the proceedings.

Course attendance criteria: Open to advocates and case officers who have indicated an interest in becoming advocates.

Submarine Incidents
The association is trying to get a detailed list of incidents that occurred on Submarines prior to 2002, this includes all Submarines that Australians have served on. The reason being to provide support for personnel claiming with DVA. Please complete and forward the form below to Ray Kemp.

Service Records
Copies of your Service and Medical records are available. Proof of identity or Next-of-Kin relationship is required and all requests require a signature. Due to privacy restrictions, specific regulations apply to the distribution of confidential personnel records. 
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