HMAS Sheean Photo Galleries

Here are some photos provided recently. if they are incorrectly added to this boat, please advise the webmaster so they can be homed correctly.

Meet the new Crew of Up Periscope

These reprobates share the load in taking take Up Periscope forward

Pete Smith

Pete Smith - Historian

Want to know what happened way back when? Can't quite remember what someone looked like? Ask Peter.

Ray Kemp DVA Guru

Ray Kemp - DVA Guru

Got a problem dealing with DVA? Meet the King of Advocates! Ray will be providing tips and information regularily.

Tim Bass

Tim "Biggles" Bass

Keeping this thing together

Keith Dalby

Keith Dalby

The Rector

Carri Barnes

Carri Barnes

A trendsetter and trailblazer.
One of those very special women who qualified as a submariner. Carri will bring some much needed C Boat perspective to this place