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We had included the submissions provided by our members in the Grot each issue. This ended up becoming a problem as we had to leave a lot out due to not wanting to offend and the fact that including everything would make the Grot way too big. So the store was born. Keep coming back here for new submissions as we receive them (and make time to add them in). Some of these examples are off colour. Whilst we recognise some may be offended, we will not be taking anything down.  


Authors Note: I mentioned in the Grot the confusion that we are subject to with AUKUS and such and selected several of many that Buck forwards on a daily basis. The comments and links do not reflect the endorsement of the SAA but is current, topical and outright confusing. Buck must subscribe to every defence periodical known to man.

Bucks Comments and Links:

Sorry I forgot an important item put forward to the idiot who suggested amirecan junk. When the ROYAL NAVY uses the term PAID OFF does not mean they are paid for.... British, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian Navy terminology PAID off means GONE PAST THEIR AFFECTIVE USE BY DATE.

FURTHER, Why should AUSTRALIA Lease obsolete amirecan mothball junk.
When it could be possible to station/lease a couple of BRITISH ASTUTE class boat's to the AUSTRALIAN SQUADRON. The same as our history shows with the "T" Boats whilst AUSTRALIANS WERE BEING TRAINED BY THE ROYAL NAVY. Which is the backbone of the Australian Submariners today. This our SUBMARINE CULTURE. and it makes the amirecants look stupid.
Watch the ABC real life program on HMAS/M RANKIN... entering Pearl Harbour. The amirecants knew she was coming and they had a fleet including their Submainers waiting for her... HAMAS/M RANKIN made them look stupid and arrived in Pearl Harbour UNDETECTED. That's BRITISH TRAINING. WHY CHANGE THAT.. WE are HER MAJESTY'S AUSTRALIAN NAVY. And serve on HMAS/M SUBMARINES. The best training in the WORLD


World’s Largest Submarine

What’s the real cost of Australia’s submarine capability? | The Strategis

Astute Class

Cancelled French Class

5 Ways Russia Could Sink a US Navy Aircraft Carrier - 19FortyFive and AUSTRALIA Only needs ONE CONVENTIONAL SUBMARINE TO DO THAT

Now China

Love It

Aussie SSN
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