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We had included the submissions provided by our members in the Grot each issue. This ended up becoming a problem as we had to leave a lot out due to not wanting to offend and the fact that including everything would make the Grot way too big. So the store was born. Keep coming back here for new submissions as we receive them (and make time to add them in). Some of these examples are off colour. Whilst we recognise some may be offended, we will not be taking anything down.  

Here are some great examples of how to screw up a childhood

Happy Christmas to all

A completely fall-to-your-knees moment!

Imagine that you are in a place between Russia and Canada in the Arctic during the day,
where there is 24-hours of daylight in the summertime.
At a certain time, the Moon appears for just 30 seconds just above the horizon -
(which explains it's apparent enormous size) –

and after it covers the Sun for about 5 seconds - it disappears again.