Australian Service Medal (ASM)

The Australian Service Medal (ASM) was approved in 1988, and may be awarded for service in, or in connection with a prescribed non-warlike operation.

A nickel-silver clasp with the name of the theatre or action for which the award is made is presented with the medal. Further awards of the ASM in other areas are recognised by the presentation of additional clasps. These are worn above previously awarded clasps, in order of date of receipt.

Australian Service Medal (ASM) - With Clasp Special Ops

The Australian Service Medal (ASM) with Clasp SPECIAL OPS was awarded to naval personnel who had been aboard submarines Orion and Otama on trips as specified by CDF.

It has come to our attention that there are still a number of of people from the RAN who haven't applied for their ASM with Clasp SPECIAL OPS. As a consequence, their Medals remain undelivered. This to me is a great shame and we should do all we can to locate as many of these guys as possible. If your name appears on the unclaimed list, please visit the Defence website medals section for full details on Medals and how to claim.

Could you all have a good long look at the list on the enclosure below, and if you know of the whereabouts of any of those listed, please contact that person and give them the Medals Section address. This list is incomplete and out of date and is provided as a guide only.   If your name appears and you have claimed your medal, please let me know.  

AB JB Archibald

CPO AE Baker, LEUT AJ Burns, AB TW Beard, LS DI Beaumont, CPO BJ Birch, AB MG Bird, AB SR Boyd, LCDR DS Brennan,

BJ Campbell, PO J M Campbell, PO AS Cattell, AB DL Clarke, CPO JW Clelland, PO MJ Close, AB LD Cole, LS CR Coleman, AB JD Connors, LEUT J Coombes, LS GB Corbett, AB AR Cox, CPO DG Cradock, LS RN Crowden

AB PK Delaney, LS NR Dobson, AB P Douglas

AB SG Edwards, CPO MJ Ellen, PO LG Elliot

LS GA Fairey, LS JA Fairweather, AB SD Fanning, LS CR Filmer, LS RM Ford, AB AJ Friar

PO PE Gale, LS AM, Gard, LS GJ Goodall, PO WW Goss, PO CR Green, LS MW Greer, AB S Grimshaw

LS IG Hall, AB JE Hall, LS MA Hallcroft, CPO VA Hancock, LS MF Hardwick, WO JG Harvey, LS GC Harvison, PO JG Haverkate, AB LA Hayes, AB DMAS Heggie, LS JN Hendry, AB MG Hickey, CPO SJ Hicks, WO MS Higgins, LS G A Hughes, PO V Hirschausen, CPO J R Hodgen, AB FA Hooper, AB BJ Horan, CPO JD Horsley

CPO DJ Jackson, LCDR RLP Jones, AB JM Jenko, AB DR Johnson, CPO JW Johnson, PO JB Johnston, LS BL Jones

PO MJ Keirnan, LS SL Kellaway, AB CT Kendrick, LS AJ Kennedy, CPO AL Kennedy, CPO GW Kennedy, LS CA King, AB AM King, CPO NE J Kingston, LS SD Kraemer, LS JD Kupsch

AB WF Lack, AB BR Lawrence, AB SF Leehy, PO LA Leeming, WO P Lines, AB M Linnell, CPO JAM Lloyd, AB BJ Lucas, AB CH Luebker

CPO RG Mackinnon, LS DA Marples, CPO AP Marsden, AB DJ Marsh, WO PD McClay, LEUT G McEwan, SMN MJ McLaughlin, AB MP McMullen, AB MF Morris, PO CR McVey, PO TG Milne, PO BG Mitchell, LS WG Mitchell, LS PJ Morton, LS SW Musgrove, LS JG Myles

PO M Newby, AB MC O’Born, AB AJ O’Connor, PO TM O’Grady, AB MC Ormond

LS TK Peake, LS RS Percival, AB SD Phoo, AB AT Pilbeam, AB WN Pollock, AB KN Price, LS BR Pritchard

AB CN Radin, PO GA Rawson, AB RJ Richter, LS JP Rickard, LS JE Robinson, LS HM Roe, CPO B Rogers, LS PJ Ryan,

LS M Sanderson, LS SC Scott, LS D Smith, LS MA Shard, PO IE Sims, AB AJ Smith, LS P Smith, LS MJ Smithurst, PO RJ Sneyd, AB DR Snudden, AB MA Steer, CPO OW Steggles, LS AR Story, LS DR Stoward, AB DC Strehlau, PO DA Sutherland

AB CM Tanner, LS DW Thomas, LS JK Thompson, LS SJ Till

LS AB Vandepeer, CMDR FR Van Der Berg, PO B Van Hilst, AB JR Vickary

LS P KJ Wagner, LS SJ Waldon, PO MT Walker, PO RA Watson, LEUT MR Webber, AB J Welch, AB AD West, AB S Wynn, LS RJ West, CPO SD Weymouth, AB DW Whitfield, LS GA Wilkinson, PO GS Williams, CPO G RW Wilson, LEUT RDS Wilson, LEUT PB Wright,
Revised 4th January 2016

Lost Medals Website

The Lost Medals web site, operated by LtCol Glyn Llanwarne, is dedicated to returning medals to a veteran's nearest kin. Since 2000 he has been acquiring, researching and then returning lost medals to veterans or their families. He started out purchasing medals however; now he is supported through donations of 'found' medals and no longer purchases them. He now uses all of his resources for research and trying to locate families, free of any charge or fee. 

If you are searching for lost medals I recommend this site. 

Medal Fraud

Fraudulent wearing of medals is an offence under The Defence Act 1903, an act of the Commonwealth of Australia. Known or suspected cases of fraudulent medal wearing should be reported to the Australian Federal Police.

Visit the  ANZMI website for information on Wannabees

Get all your queries on Medals go to the Defence website.