Terry and Louise Baker

Laurence Belcher 

Diarmid Bevan and  Robyn Lewis

Greg and Kerryn Boissery

Elwyn and Marichu Brookes

David and Sandra Bryant

Fred Butcher    

Laurence Butler 

Stuart and Beth Campbell

Neil and Patrisha Chaplin

Ray and Heather Clarke

William and Leann Clayton

Richard Coathup 

Graham Collins 

Alan Cook 

Alan and Lorraine Cooper

Roger Cooper 

Edward and Sue Curr

Zdzislaw and Lynnette Czabotar

Kim Durbin-Brims 

Brian and Lyn  Earle

Allen Francis and  Sharan Totolas

Andrew and Jenny Galley

Wayne and Chris Gilligan

Kenneth Green 

Lyall and Sandra Hart

Mavis Heffernan    

Perry and Patricia Holland

Ray and Robyn Kemp

Cole and Jan Klease

Robert and Susan Lee

Mick Lynch 

Neville and Rose McLean

Darryl Madden 

Lillian Manskie    

Anthony and Heather Masters

William and Jacqualine Maybury

Robert and Rhonda Mellowship

Bruce Newton 

Stan and Zeny Nimmo

Peter and Alison O'Donohue

Gary Payseno 

John Prosser 

John  Rana and Leonie Oxley

Keith Rippon 

Chris and Marg Rodgers

Geoffrey and Jane Rossiter

Terry and Krystyna Rowell