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Dear SAA Members and Friends,

The SUBCON21 organising committee made the decision today to cancel SUBCON21. This decision was based on the following main considerations:

1. The current COVID outbreak in NSW has created considerable uncertainty. This has resulted in the withdrawal of a third of the registered SAA members and their guests.

2. It is uncertain when the current social distancing regulations in NSW regional areas will be lifted. This means that masks are compulsory, no standing up inside the venues and a 50% reduction in the number of members able to attend planned SUBCON21 events, with the exception of the farewell BBQ.

3. Uncertainty around Border closures and Quarantine regimes that have caused many members to withdraw or not register to attend.

4. Financial situation. To date SUBCON21 has not made any significant financial commitments. However, over the coming weeks we are required to commit funds. Additionally, due to the reductions in attendance numbers the costs per head are anticipated to increase.

5. In response to the questionnaire, only 29 SAA members indicated that they are still attending.. The Quorum for the National AGM is 50 financial SAA members. Additionally, there is only 1 member of the National Committee able to attend so the National Executive Meeting cannot be held in Holbrook. The main purpose of SUBCON, apart from catching up with our mates, is to provide the social events around the National AGM.

6. Sponsors. SUBCON relies on the support of its valued Sponsors. SUBCON21 has received the generous support of KCM consulting, SIA, JFD and THALES. It is important for future sponsorship that we ensure that our Sponsors get value for money.

The SAA ACT Branch very much regrets the cancellation of SUBCON21. From the outset we undertook to deliver a COVID safe and Financially responsible SUBCON. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to deliver on that undertaking.

We would like to thank our many friends, providers and supporters in Holbrook who have been very flexible and understanding over the past 2 years. We know that they will be disappointed but hopefully we can make it up to them in the not too distant future..

The National Executive committee will advise the SAA membership on matters concerning the 2021 National AGM. In due course, the National Executive will also advise the location of the next SUBCON.

Finally, thanks to all SAA members and friends who have supported our efforts throughout the past 2 years. We know how important this event is to the members and it was just plain bad luck and poor timing that COVID trumped our efforts. It is great to see that the Submariner spirit is alive and as strong ever. See you at SUBCON22.

Kind Regards

On behalf of the ACT SUBCON21 organising committee.

Stan Nimmo
SAA ACT Branch
01 Aug 2021

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