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“Mrs Elsie Harris was the widow of an HMS/M K13 survivor and a founding member of the Association, PO Alfred "Bogey" Harris, who later settled in Carlingford and initiated the erection of the K13 memorial in memory of his shipmates and of all British Commonwealth submarines lost at sea in peace and war.   On her death in 1990, she generously bequeathed the sum of $10,000 to Gordon Selby, then Secretary of the SAA, to be used as he saw fit for the benefit of the Association.

As the result of Gordon’s initiative and drive, the SAA Welfare Foundation Trust was established with the aim of providing financial assistance to Life and Ordinary members of the Association, or those financially dependent on them, who, through no fault of their own, have a genuine need of the Trust’s help. 

Such cases should be brought to the attention of Branch Presidents who will conduct an investigation of the circumstances and, if they then see fit, report the matter to the Trust’s trustees with a recommendation concerning appropriate action.   The action taken, or not, is a matter for the trustees’ discretion, but they would of course be guided by Branch Presidents’ recommendations.   Such action would be in the form of  grants or loans.

SAA members or their financial dependents have received assistance in times of need.   Prudent management of our funds and many donations resulted in funds under management growing to support future needs.  This sum was boosted in 2012 by a most generous donation of $100,000 from the Western Australian Corps of Commissionaires. 

Obviously, we have an ageing membership and in consequence must be prepared for increasing calls for assistance.   Whilst we are clearly in a much stronger position now to face such calls we must lose no opportunity grow our funds.   

We continue to appeal for donations and, in this regard, such donations over $2 in value are now tax deductible.

The Fund is reportable to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).  The purpose of the ACNC Register is to provide the community (Our SAA Members) with easy access to reliable information on charities to support public trust and confidence in Australia’s registered charities.  The Welfare Funds’ listing on the ACNC Register can be accessed by visiting  Once accessed, the user types in the name of the charity (it can be truncated to THE SUBMARINES….) or by entering the Welfare Funds’ ABN 59546984466.

Trustees of the SAA Welfare Foundation Trust (ABN 59546984466)

CAPT Tim Duchesne RAN (Rtd)
LCDR Sid Czabotar RAN (Rtd)
WO David Bryant (Rtd)

SAA Welfare Fund
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