Life Members

The Award of Life Membership is the highest honour which can bestowed upon an Ordinary Member of the SAA.  

The National Executive or a Branch may recommend an  Ordinary Member who has given long, continued and outstanding service to the  Association, to be awarded a Life Membership.
The Association documentation was either not kept or has been lost prior to 1982. There may be others that we not aware of prior to the 1950s,     

Peter Smith, SAA Historian

Life Members

Butcher, Fred SA
Bishop, John SA  
Bryant, David SA  
Bridge, Malcolm QLD
Bottrell, Frederick VIC
Currell, Don QLD
Duchesne, Tim 
Everard, Timothy QLD
Hatfield, John VIC
Hollas, William NSW
Johnston, Thomas NSW
O'Brien, John QLD
Owen, William NSW
Rana, John
Seager, John NSW
Smith, Peter NSW
Trotter, Bob OAM
Williams, Norman QLD
Woolrych, Robert QLD
Hayton, Kevin NSW
Burns, G ACT

Life Members Deceased

Alfred,  Arthur
Briggs, W 
Clutterbuck, RJ 
Dalrymple, Gordon
Davies, Peter
France, Gerry
Fisher, Augustus
Gethin-Jones, Huw NSW
Gibbs, Albert
Graham, JA 
Griffiths, Raymond
Harris, Elsie Mrs 
Haskell, R
Healey, T 
Heffernan, Pat
Hooper, CR 
Jones, Tom
Liptrott, Barris 
Nobes, Barry 
Redwood, James