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Department of Veterans' Affairs Assistance

The Association has a National Coordinator and DVA trained Pensions Officers and Advocates to provide submariners (ex and serving) with free assistance in welfare and compensation matters. 

The claims process, although it may appear simple, has many pitfalls and many a claim is rejected on technicalities. It is important that you seek advice when considering a claim, there is a saying in legal circles; the person that represents has a fool as his lawyer. 

Play safe, consult an advocate BEFORE applying for entitlements. Health & DVA - This section is aimed at keeping members current with Health & Welfare matters. It provides information on current issues, contact details and other information necessary to claim your entitlements.

Service Records

Copies of your Service and Medical records are available. Proof of identity or Next-of-Kin relationship is required and all requests require a signature. Due to privacy restrictions, specific regulations apply to the distribution of confidential personnel records.


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"Like the destroyer, the submarine has created its own type of officer and man, with language and traditions apart from the rest of the service, and yet at the heart,unchangingly of the Service"

Rudyard Kipling, The Fringes of the Fleet, 1915



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