Submariners worldwide are a special breed, rarely understood by mere mortals and never understood by skimmers. Submariners of all nations understand this and show respect to each other, knowing the hardship and danger that each has faced to achieve membership to that elite club to which they belong.

The Association's aims and goals are: 
•To keep alive the unique "esprit  de corps" of the Submarine Service; 
•To establish and maintain a charitable trust, being a welfare foundation;
•To assist one another as occasion may require and to encourage social activities;
•To liaise with kindred organisations, both nationally and internationally; and,
•To educate members about their entitlements and provide access to Department of Veterans' Affairs advocates 
The Association maintains a close relationship with several overseas Submariners' Associations.
Membership is open to all submariners, regardless of the navy in which they served.

QLD AGM Announcement

An update from the QLD Secretary
Dear Members,

Due to a technical glitch, I am reissuing the link for the meeting on Saturday, 24th July. I hope you can use it to stay in contact with the association especially those up north.

SAA Qld General Meeting/AGM
Saturday, 24 July · 10:30 – 12:30
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:

It would be good if as many as possible are able to attend in person. Access to the room will be open through the bottom door. Everybody will need to check in as well as sign our attendance book.

If you could use the website, to register your attendance or apology it would be much appreciated. If you have any business for the meeting, please send me an email soonest to have it included. Minutes of the previous meeting and AGM are on the website if you would like to read it.


Ross Walters

Secretary SAA Qld Inc.
MOB: 0479 541 303


We have received another update from Otama
a day of pumping and patching.

We are still at zero, but need to keep pumping to stay ahead of the leaks.

Numerous failure are becoming apparent, including for example, the sea tube connecting D Stbd to the sea through 4 MBT which has failed and allowing water to flood back into 4 stbd MBT - the grills are now plugged with putty.

The SM remains in a precarious state, with weather marginal tomorrow through to Monday am.

There will be watch keepers onboard overnight to run the pumps.

The move to a shallow water berth is the next priority.

Some shots to illustrate the problem

An Update from Peter Briggs

Subject: Re: OTAMA SITREP 29Jun21

A good day afloat, the salvage team managed to patch the major holes in 4 Stbd MBT that were still below the surface sufficiently to get a pump suction into the tank and start de-watering.

SM is now upright with pumps running on 3,4 and 5 MBT - all of which were flooded.

Counter weights are being removed as necessary to maintain a level trim.

The Stbd tanks will require extensive temporary patching, they are in worse shape than we imagined, some of it major, to reduce the need for continuous pumping.

Photos to follow - IT issue here.

Focus will now turn to preparing the shallow mooring with a view to the earliest move possible.

Tug masters briefed and visited the SM today to assist in preparing a plan for the move.

A busy day tomorrow.

Weather deteriorating and marginal from pm Thu until pm Sunday.


Peter Briggs

Update regarding ex HMAS Otama from Dave Strangward National Vice President SAA

The brief and video below provided by Peter Briggs, who has been assisting with the activities around the OTAMA situation. I will provide more updates as they become available. I am sure if Peter requires some SM assistance he will reach out for it and I am also sure there will be no shortage of volunteers if needed.

The video shows salvage and engineering teams working on OTAMA.

After a successful day rigging additional buoyancy under the Starboard side the SM list was reduced from 42 to 28 degrees to starboard.

The hatches having been previously sealed by the salvage team.

Work will continue today to add further buoyancy and de-water the Starboard tanks which is causing the list.

The team have put out a request for an Oberon Class trim crib to assist their efforts to develop a stability model.

David Strangward,
National Vice President

HMAS Otama - 28Jun21 (4K) from Gary Swanton on Vimeo.

Funeral Arrangements for Jerry Lewis

Dear Members,

The funeral arrangements for ex-CPOMESM Colin “Jerry” Lewis are as follows:

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021 at 10 30 am.

Place: Gregson & Weight Funeral Directors, 159 Wises Rd, Buderim, Qld.

This is to be live streamed live on Look at the Funeral Streaming Centre. The link will be available in a couple of days on this site. There is section where you can leave comments during the service.

No Flowers. RSL will do a Poppy service and poppies to be supplied.

Dress: Medals to be worn.

Ross Walters
Secretary SAA Qld Inc.
MOB: 0478 541 303

Message from the National VP

To All SAA Members,

I have received an e-mail from Des Scanlan notifying the Executive that the SAA North Queensland will cease to exist and stating that this decision was made mainly due to a lack of interest by members. This is a sad turn of events and I really believe that many other State branches are facing the same issues.

I watch with interest each year as states conduct their AGMs and then announce their committees that the names rarely change.

We are an Association that is not getting any younger and unless more members come forward to assist in the roles of each branch or we attract a younger members we as an Association may go the same way as SAA North Queensland.

At the next SUBCON AGM I will be asking for input to how we can attract younger members (I know we have tried before) but we need to put a bigger effort in if possible.

I will also be asking WA as next cap of the rank if they are prepared to plan and conduct SUBCON 2022.


David Strangward
National Vice President

SAA Victoria still holding meetings despite Covid


The Covid restrictions have been relaxed enough to be able to hold our meeting this coming Sunday.

St Kilda RSL Commencing 1200
Business Meeting
Light lunch
Up Spirits
Raffle – Alan is more than happy to accept donations.

We will need to split 10 to a table (should not be a problem) Table service only. Mask must be worn at all time unless eating or drinking. (Not a problem just keep you glass well topped up!!)

See you Sunday.


Elsie (Ian) Tanner
Ian Tanner
President St. Kilda RSL
Branch Secretary Submarines Association Australia Victoria
M 0450 642 835

Commodore Bob Trotter OAM RAN (Ret’d) - Update 20/05/2021

Good news!
Having been in hospital since 20 April (and his 75th Birthday) Bob has been advised that he is likely to go home today. Roy Stall will provide transport for Bob.
Bob’s condition is much the same as previously reported and Bob will now receive Out-patient treatment to determine just when the medicos can effectively put him back onto blood thinners. Bob expects that this could be a wait of up to three months as “they” await his small brain bleed to stablise.
In the meantime, in his words, he will have to “waddle like a duck” until blood thinners can assist in removing DVTs from both legs. At least he is now heading / waddling in the right direction.
Bob’s Navy Family have come to the fore! Bob and Norelle were faced with a problem of light fittings being difficult to reach and portions of their guttering being too high for the DVA assisted gutter cleaners to free up. Peter O’Donohue, President of SAAWA, and two trusty braves yesterday completed a lamp up and gutter clearing action. BZ to them.

David Strangward
National Vice President

Commodore Bob Trotter OAM RAN (Ret’d) - Update 30/04/2021

To All,
Unfortunately, once more young Bob is in hospital and has been for just over a week now. Transferred yesterday from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital to Hollywood Hospital. He has had a secondary brain bleed and now doctors are trying to work out the best treatment for the way ahead. As Bob puts it, “The quandary is that the lower part of his body needs thin blood and the upper section, specifically the brain, needs the thicker blood!” He feels that he is in between a rock and a hard place at the moment and is hoping that the medicos can get him up and running soonest. The brain bleed is affecting his eyesight, in particular to his right side, where what the eyeball sees is not necessarily communicated correctly to the brain. Reading and recognising words is very difficult. Anyway, Bob is maintaining a good sense of humour and is looking forward to a return to a more normal level of life Dave Strangward National Vice-President

David Strangward
National Vice President SAA


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Branches have been formed in most states and territories. Although they are locally managed, they conform to the National Constitution. Members and visitors are welcome to attend most functions, a great opportunity to meet up with kindred souls and old shipmates.

Veterans Affairs


The Association has a National Coordinator and DVA trained Pensions Officers and Advocates to provide submariners (ex and serving) with free assistance in welfare and compensation matters.


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