Submariners worldwide are a special breed, rarely understood by mere mortals and never understood by skimmers. Submariners of all nations understand this and show respect to each other, knowing the hardship and danger that each has faced to achieve membership to that elite club to which they belong.

The Association's aims and goals are: 
•To keep alive the unique "esprit  de corps" of the Submarine Service; 
•To establish and maintain a charitable trust, being a welfare foundation;
•To assist one another as occasion may require and to encourage social activities;
•To liaise with kindred organisations, both nationally and internationally; and,
•To educate members about their entitlements and provide access to Department of Veterans' Affairs advocates 
The Association maintains a close relationship with several overseas Submariners' Associations.
Membership is open to all submariners, regardless of the navy in which they served.

Commodore Bob Trotter OAM RAN (Ret’d)

To All,
Latest update on Bob Trotter’s progress and I am sure you would agree it is good news (provided by Bob’s good mate Bob Mummery).
As a possible final SITREP on Bob Trotter, I am happy to advise that Bob has been released from hospital and is now residing at home. For Bob, a lot of rehabilitation remains to be undertaken. At present he attends “school” for two days a week where the occupational therapists are trying to repair some of the reading and writing skills that seem to have deserted him as well as developing some skills to strengthen his eyesight which has caused a “wonkiness” in the right eye. Prior to his release from hospital the Medicos had some concerns about his eyesight and were worried at his ability “to bump into” things.
As an interesting aside, in the early days of his hospitalisation he was questioned as to his daily routine. Among his answers was the point that he did a lot of cooking at home so, among his first rehabilitation programmes was a cooking course – just to make sure that he had not lost too much of that talent!!
I had a long talk with Bob this morning and one of his most urgent wants was to get out a message to all that had supported him in his time of need and that includes the myriad of well-wishers who sent in messages, phoned, wrote or otherwise sent in “cheer-up” messages. He is positive that all those things, big and small helped enormously in his recovery to date, particularly through the dark times that he endured. From my point of view, Roy Stall has been a tower of strength to Bob and Norelle. Roy worked hard to ensure that Bob really wanted for nought and that Norelle was provided with the best advice as to Bob’s condition throughout his ordeal and with the information that she needs to help Bob to get back on track.
We all know Bob to be a most positive person and we all know further that he will do his utmost best to return to the full life that he was leading prior to his stroke.

David Strangward
National Vice President SAA


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Branches have been formed in most states and territories. Although they are locally managed, they conform to the National Constitution. Members and visitors are welcome to attend most functions, a great opportunity to meet up with kindred souls and old shipmates.

Veterans Affairs


The Association has a National Coordinator and DVA trained Pensions Officers and Advocates to provide submariners (ex and serving) with free assistance in welfare and compensation matters.


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