1 February 2014
Please note that the Veterans Advisory Council is calling for nominations for membership of a new WA State Veterans Advisory Council. Willing volunteers should advise either Sid or myself by 6th Feb with an outline of their relevant skills and experience, noting that the appointees have to be "Veterans".  Information available below.

Also note that the venue for the first 2014 General Meeting 16th Feb at 1100  is changed from Fremantle Navy Club to Rockingham Navy Club due to double bookings. Please bring a plate.

Paul Meakin
27 October 2013
You are reminded of our Day of Remembrance for all submariners who are on Eternal Patrol

The sailors, sea cadets, bugler, museum and Navy Club are all organised.   We are not sure who the Senior Submariner will be yet but expect to find out this week.

We are asking for volunteers to help the WA Museum Volunteers to clean up the slipway area around the Memorial alongside ovens on Wednesday 6 November 2013. Your help would be most appreciated.  

Please contact Sid by E-mail pres.wa@bigpond.com or phone 08 9527 4675 or mobile 0437 804 250.”

13 October 2013
Minutes of the General Meeting held at the Navy Club Rockingham on Sunday 22 September are now online. This is a photo of the attendees of the SAA Museum Visit taken in front of their Wall of Remembrance. 

Please take note of the Periscope Service at Monument Hill conducted by out RN Brothers Sunday 20th October and our Remembrance Day Service at HMAS Ovens on Sunday 10th November.

The RSL in Western Australia has torpedoed the chances of submariners from leading the ANZAC Day March next there year. Despite receiving a request from the SAA (WA) Branch the RSL has announced that the March will be lead by those that have served in conflicts from Somalia to Afghanistan, they see it as their way of ensuring recent vets are recognised.  This is commendable, but so is the Centenary of Australian Submarines.  The Naval Association Australia (WA) has intervened and agreed that SAA (WA) can lead the ex Services Squads in the Navy Section.  It is unfortunate that the IFR, Albany and ANZAC are overshadowing our party, at least Queensland and New South Wales have taken note of the significance of 2014 to the submarine community. 

An updated program of National Activities including AUSSUB WEEK 100 will be issued shortly.   "Be assured there is plenty of work and planning going on in WA for 2014."

PictureI'm not coming back till it's all spent!
3rd August 2013
Its been a bit quiet this past few weeks with our Treasurer John Rana o/s spending his kids inheritance (or our contingent account).

Our condolences go out to our President.  Sid had an unexpected family bereavement and has been involved in the usual hard work of obtaining authority to act on behalf of his brother because there was no will in addition to no details of insurances, bank accounts hire purchase agreements etc. 

We keep asking our members to help their own passing when it comes to their expected or unexpected demise by having a will and leaving a checklist with details of their accounts and holdings.  A good start is at the DVA website where a Planning Kit  is available. Let your partner or next of kin know you have completed the kit and where you have placed the paperwork. It is so important that lists of accounts and associated passwords etc are available to enable the estate to be quickly and efficiently managed.

I am seeking more sympathy from Ray Kemp as I have just had another (about the 15th) attack of Cellulitis and have just spent 5 nights in the local hospital.  Sitting quietly reading the paper at 1000 last Sunday and at 1015 the shivers and shakes started, temp 39.4, BP 234/193, ambulance called 1030 arrived 1100 triaged and mainly tested by 1600 and in ward by 1700. This was followed by 5 nights in Peel Health Campus, getting out just in time to celebrate my 50th Wedding Anniversary today 3rd August to the beautiful Enid nee Neilson from Cowdenbeath Fife Scotland.

The Swan Valley Mystery Wine Tour is underway and they are only two hours overdue so far so it looks as if it was another successful run.  Will give details when they sober up.

Paul T Meakin 
Branch Secretary

21st July 2013
The Minutes of the 2013 AGM are available on the Meetings Page.

I hope you are as excited as the members were at the AGM regarding the proposed new Submarine Monument which will bring together the existing plaques for AE2, WWII and the AUSSUB 100 plaque hopefully in time for Remembrance Day 2014. 

Planning for the activities around AUSSUB Week 100 are forging ahead and I draw your attention to the current Program on the AUSSUBS 100 site.  If you click on the Contact Us Button you will be able to register your interest in the list of activities on offer.   Some 80 USN retired submariners, two RN Admirals and other nations have expressed an interest in coming for the Centenary Party so it is important that we can make the best estimate of numbers attending. We estimate between 600-1000 persons will attend the Gala Dinner Dance as part of SUBCON 2014/AUSSUB Week.

If you have any questions regarding the activities for the Centenary please contact me.

Paul T Meakin
Branch Secretary
SAA National Coordinator for the Centenary of Australian Submarines.

2nd July 2013
The SAA(WA) AGM will be held at the Navy Club, High Street Fremantle on Sunday 14th July and full details are available on our Events page.  Please note that all existing members of the Executive are willing  to stand again for their offices.  The next 12 -18 months are going to be busy exciting times for the Submariners of Australia and we welcome your support in the planned activities

Please make the effort to attend the AGM with your Buddies or I will have your Tot. If you cannot attend please send apology.

National and International Submariners are being requested to Register Interest in the SUB100 Week in Fremantle 7th - 14th Fremantle 2014 so detailed planning for venues can be made based on the numbers that may be expected. There is already a group of 50 US Sub Vets planning to visit Down Under for Our Centenary.  

You may also Register your interest at http://www.aussubs100.com/contact-us.html  This is not a commitment, only advise to the Organising Committee. 

Paul T Meakin 
Branch Secretary

5th June 2013
The newsletter of the Submariners Association Merseyside Branch, Submariners Times reported "My visiting Australian submariner mate, Paul ‘Blue’ Hartridge, receiving his Associate Membership certificate from Merseyside Branch Chairman, Sam Price, at our social night in April as reported in the Editor’s Locker."  >The Editor, Peter ‘Pedro’ Dickinson, was either just being nice or is desperate for friends.

Paul, a Branch member, served on HMAS Onslow, HMAS Otway, HMAS Orion, HMAS Oxley and HMAS Otama. 
2nd June 2013
Find enclosed Notice for AGM Fremantle Navy Club 1100 14 July and the amended Calendar of Events. (See Downloads)

Please note the change in Venue for the AGM. The change has occurred because it is intended to to hold a Memorial Service for Peter Clark and Family at the Rockingham Navy Club in conjunction with the next General Meeting at the Rockingham Navy Club on Sunday 22nd September, so the venues for these next two meetings have been swapped to accommodate the Service. 

Please make every effort to attend the AGM or please send apologies. All office bearers are willing to stand for re-election but that should not prevent anyone for challenging for any position. Agenda Items and Nominations for Office will be received up to 20th June. 
There are two important other social occasions coming up shortly that will be limited by numbers.

The first is a private visit to the SAS Museum at Campbell Barracks planned for 1300 Wednesday 17 July.  Access to Campbell Barracks is by a Bus and Brian Gibson has volunteered his School Bus for this Trip.(No Ted you do not have to wear short trousers and a cap). Numbers will be restricted to 30 and it will be first in best dressed. The Museum requires a donation of $10 per person to help  maintain and grow the Museum. This invitation will also be offered to our RN brothers.  Unfortunately Transperth has also picked 17 July as a day for mayhem around the Perth Railway system so I will try to arrange a  number of suitable pickup points by the Bus, so please advise what train line you have access to or if you can make it to the Flying Angel Club in Freo.

Second is the Swan Valley Mystery Wine Tour, Sunday 4th August, if you did not know where you were going before the trip don't worry because you will not remember where you went by the time you get home.  Once again Brin Gibson is the Tour Director available seats about 30 so once again first in best dressed. Pickups will be sorted out as convenient.
17 March 2013
The Branch will muster in the City of Fremantle to join in the ANZAC Day Activities.   The Dawn Service will be held at the Monument Hill Reserve at 5.30am. Do we have any volunteers to attend and if so do you want to lay a Wreath?

The March commences from the Esplanade Park at 1014 and we shall be in company of the ex RN Submariners Association (Australia Branch) and will convene after the march at Rosie O'Grady's. I have ordered 15 Car park stickers and three places, for those unable to march, in the transport/jeeps provided for that purpose. Will members needing a car Park please let me know?.

The Route of the march is the same as last year and is about 1Km in length.  Lets make a big effort this year and have a good attendance and enjoy the companionship of our fellow submariners from the Squadron and the RNers. I have it on good authority there may be two Pusser's Rum Raffles this year.

Paul T Meakin
Branch Secretary

10 March 2013
The first newsletter for 2013 is online and is available now.

Paul Meakin

10 February 2013
Please take a look at the Calendar of Events for 2013. Please make every effort to attend at least one event this year, a good chance to catch up with old mates.

We are repeating the Swan Valley Wine Tour by Bus again this year and also hope to arrange a visit and social at the SAS Regiment Museum at Campbell Barracks both to be confirmed for dates and time. 

Please note that due to only 5 members expressing an interest in  obtaining the WA Branch Blazer Badge the Committee has decided not  go ahead and order any.  

A progress report on activities associated with the 2014 Centenary of Australian Submarines will be made shortly.

Paul Meakin

22 December 2012
Christmas Greetings from the President and Committee of the SAA (WA) Branch

To all our Members and families on behalf of the Branch I want to wish all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May you all enjoy your break, the company of friends and family and have a peaceful and stress free Christmas. Let’s make 2013 a great, prosperous and healthy New Year.

Have an enjoyable holiday break and come back refreshed for the New Year

Web Manager