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This is a submariner's site, not a submarine site. What's the difference? There are plenty of sites about submarines and this site is not intended to compete with them.

Our focus is on the people, those men and women of The Trade that proudly served, or are currently serving in submarines of the Royal Australian Navy.

Submariners world wide are rarely understood by mere mortals. Submariners of all nations understand this and show respect to each other, knowing the hardship and danger that each has faced to achieve membership to that elite club to which submariners belong.

If you have a submariner for a friend, you have a friend for life. In times of need, you know that they will be there for you.

So welcome to the Aussie Submariner's site, Up Periscope..

Please note this site is currently being migrated and as such pages may not be included as yet. If you get an error stating a page doesnt exist, its probably due to the code not being complete for that one. Bear with us - we will get it done eventually.

Notice Board

Chris Whitworth wrote:
Hi Greg,and Darryl, Chris Whitworth again, I was looking at a web page for defence Model Graphics, as I was planning my Ride Up to Bundaburg Ready to Travel to MARYBOROUGH for The ride to take Phil Vines ensign to Holbrook, The SSMCC ride That I have been planning that I have hopefully kept you both in the loop anyway My ride north I was looking at stopping at DEFENCE MODEL GRAPHICS, I contacted them on Facebook and thought I may be able to Buy something for the Fund Raising so I asked him for any Ideas he thought I may be able to buy from his shop for Fund raising for the Museum, Below is his response which really did surprise me as it may you. however If I can fit this on the Motor bike I thought Darren Smith may Carry it in his car for the Museum however I’m writing to you hoping you have a Better Idea about Collecting it and perhaps may take this VERY Generous donation out of my Hands and speak to The Owner of Defence Model Graphics with Darryl Madden. Unfortunately The Gentleman talking to me in Messenger has not Given his name so I can’t tell you who I have been speaking to, Gentle men Please take control of this one sorry if I have created a Problem and let me Know if you need me to pick it up on the Bike (preferably not) I will still visit him though, Thank you Chris

Requests Received

Ken (Bungy) Williams has a request,
Hi mate,
My wife Lisa and myself are participating in the Mystery Box Rally this year raising money for the cancer council. The Mystery Box Rally 2018 is an opportunity for Lisa and me to do another one of the things we love which is travelling outback Australia, what better way to do that than to combine this with raising money for this excellent cause. Your donations go to the Cancer Council and we are extremely proud to be doing our part to support such a worthy charity. All your donations go to the cause and none of it goes to our trip, that comes out of our pocket so don't worry you are not funding our fun. As one of my mates says, when they find a cure for one form of cancer it won't be long until they find a cure for all. My dear departed father who was an absolute gentleman loved by all was taken by cancer, it does not discriminate and as we went through all the treatment options hope was always available. It was shattering the day they said they had no more options and we spent the last months of his life just trying to support him and my mother who nursed him at home. I do believe a cure is waiting to be found and we thank you for donating.


Ken Williams
Director - Willburrow Pty Ltd

Carol Wilson will conduct her Cancer Council walk and posted the following:
Hi everyone,

Please help me meet my goal of $1000.00 to further help The Cancer Centre for Children at The Children's Hospital at Westmead. At age 72 this will be my 8th City2Surf since starting my Volunteering at CHW in 2010, who would have thought?? (Photo Bondi 2017) This is my personal fundraising effort outside of Bob (Tug) Wilson's Walk for Kids with Cancer.

I am participating because I believe in the dedication and work done by the amazing Doctors, Nursing Staff, Researchers and everyone else behind the scenes who make the Hospital operate (excuse the pun) on a daily basis and I Volunteer 3 days a week.
Do you really need that cup of coffee/tea and cake when out and about, it all helps the Kids with Cancer!!
Just click on this link to donate https://city2surf2018.everydayhero.com/au/carol-wilson

Thank you in advance,
PS: Many thanks to those who have already donated.

Branch News

We will be providing details as we receive them for each SAA Branch's releases and announcements. There hasn't been anything lately. COme back soon to see if the Branches have anything to share.

The Site

The site needs you to make it work. This site's purpose is work in conjunction with the Submarine Association of Australia's web site to inform and provide a single source of information for Australian Submariners (past, present and future). The focus of this site is on the people who crew and support Submarine Operations and without input from those people, the site will have no relevance. So this is a call to arms for all past and present submariners.

Annual General Meetings

Meet the new Crew of Up Periscope

While Norm covered all topics by himself, we have decided to share the load across a number of ex-Submariners to take Up Periscope forward

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Pete Smith - Historian

Want to know what happened way back when? Can't quite remember what someone looked like? Ask Peter.

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