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This is a submariner's site, not a submarine site. What's the difference? There are plenty of sites about submarines and this site is not intended to compete with them.

Our focus is on the people, those men and women of The Trade that proudly served, or are currently serving in submarines of the Royal Australian Navy.

Submariners world wide are rarely understood by mere mortals. Submariners of all nations understand this and show respect to each other, knowing the hardship and danger that each has faced to achieve membership to that elite club to which submariners belong.

If you have a submariner for a friend, you have a friend for life. In times of need, you know that they will be there for you.

So welcome to the Aussie Submariner's site, Up Periscope..

Please note this site is currently being migrated and as such pages may not be included as yet. If you get an error stating a page doesnt exist, its probably due to the code not being complete for that one. Bear with us - we will get it done eventually.

Notice Board

FOR SALE: Submarine Association Clothes & Other Items
These items of Pat Heffernan’s, past SAAV President, are for sale. Proceeds will be going to the Victorian Branch of Submarines Association Australia. Some items are brand new, in packaging, and the majority are in good condition. Click here for the full list
If you are interested in buying any of these items listed, you can contact Mavis Heffernan by Facebook message and she will email photos and prices. Postage will be included in the price.
For those purchasers attending SubCon in Newcastle, Mavis will be able to bring the items, rather than post them.

Requests Received

Hi ‘Swain,
I’ve had a verbal request from a local writer in Evans Head NSW, to talk to a Collins man who can talk of ‘everyday life in a Collins class submarine’ so that his next book (that features a C-boat) will contain factual everyday stuff (but unclassified) to help make his next book acceptable by readers. From my telecon with him (introduced up by a local friend) I think it is to be a Fiction book. I suggested a middle ranker (like PO or Chief) who has experienced life as a junior sailor and also as an NCO might be a good mix to provide this bloke a balanced view – maybe even yourself… His contact details are Tony Zann, 0428 128 818. I seem to remember that he’s involved with the Air Museum down there. Can you steer him in the right direction? I was going to Facebook his request but thought that your site (and staff) might provide better direction. If not, please let me know so I can take his request further.

Jim Moon
(ex O-boat Horse and Wrecker, CPOMTP3SM) Ballina, NSW 2478

Hi #6
I took a call from a friend of LSETS Terry Weatherall (Dec) seeking his time in boats not that long ago. I.e. when did he join boats, who he went to Dolphin with and what boats did he serve on prior to his accident. This fellows name is Geoff Allman and his email address is hollies6@bigpond.net.au mobile number 0409191053.
I have sent him the DVD of Two Types of Ships that has Oxley 1975, Ovens mid 80’s as I have only 5 left over. He was trying to do something for Terrys wife regarding some of his submarine history.
If any submariner can shed any light on to the subject I am sure Geoff will be only too happy to get some info on Terry for his family.

Duck Run

Kindest Regards

Don Currell OAM

Branch News

We will be providing details as we receive them for each SAA Branch's releases and announcements. There hasn't been anything lately. COme back soon to see if the Branches have anything to share.

The Site

The site needs you to make it work. This site's purpose is work in conjunction with the Submarine Association of Australia's web site to inform and provide a single source of information for Australian Submariners (past, present and future). The focus of this site is on the people who crew and support Submarine Operations and without input from those people, the site will have no relevance. So this is a call to arms for all past and present submariners.

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While Norm covered all topics by himself, we have decided to share the load across a number of ex-Submariners to take Up Periscope forward

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