HMAS Platypus 50th Anniversary and Dedication of the SAA Commemorative Wall

HMAS Platypus 50th Anniversary

Update - Speech Transcripts

Transcripts of the Speeches made on the day are available in HMAS Platypus 50th Anniversary Collected Speeches v100.pdf

Jointly organised by the Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) and Submarines Association Australia (SAA), this event is to celebrate 50 years since the rebirth of the Australian Submarine Arm when HMAS OXLEY arrived at HMAS PLATYPUS on 18 August 1967, coincident with the commissioning of HMAS PLATYPUS.

OXLEY was subsequently followed by OTWAY, OVENS, ONSLOW, ORION and OTAMA. HMAS PLATYPUS served as the purpose-designed submarine base until 1999 when all submarines (Collins class and the remaining Oberon class) were base-portred in Western Australia.
After the RAN closed HMAS PLATYPUS and the RAN Torpedo Maintenance Establishment, the site was handed to the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust for remediation and eventual opening to the public.
An event that will attract the highest echelons of the Royal Australian Navy, the ceremony will also include the unveiling of a memorial to Australian submariners (sponsored by the NSW Branch of the SAA) who died while serving in Australian submarines.
Please note that there will be no vehicular access to the PLATYPUS site and limited parking spots are available at Hipwood Lane. Taxis and/or ferries are the recommended means of transport.
The official ceremony will be followed by a tour of Spectacle Island submarine collection (if there is sufficient interest to cover the cost of chartering a ferry) and, that evening, a 4-hour 'Meet and Greet' at the Kirribilli Ex-Services Club for all those who served in HMAS PLATYPUS, RANTME, the submarines that were based there and all other submariners and their partners.

The registration form at this link covers all three events.

The latest attendance list for the event can be accessed from this link:
Platypus Attendance List.xlsx Attendance List 30/5/2017

Calling All Hands

The Sydney Harbour Trust has requested assistance from all who served at Platypus - Was there an official or unofficial name for the little street in between the Submarjne School and the FIMA Workshops, parallel to the submarine wharf? What about for the path from the Upper Level on High St, down to the Wharf Level (with the steep incline in between the cliffs)? If you have some information that will assist please email e-mail GeoffGeoff Anderson SAA NSW President

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